Get to know us and what we do.

2OS is a niche consulting firm that provides outstanding results in the credit and risk industry to clients all over the world. Our team consists of incredible data scientists who collaborate together to achieve our main goal: make our clients winners.

Our Mission

To bring our deep technical expertise, focus on the bottom line, and world-class experience to the challenges of today’s lending. We thrive at the nexus of cutting-edge data science and world-class lending strategy. Our mission is to bring the power and potential of alt-data and advanced analytics to the age-old lending industry.

Our Commitment

Our world-class team of credit and advanced modeling experts is committed to improving financial and risk results to deliver superior economic outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage. We ensure that the strategies we design and recommendations are both realistic and actionable. We help our clients acquire and develop the internal capabilities required to be successful long after we are gone.

Our Culture

We are relentless in seeking the truth, uncovering the truth and telling the truth.

  • Exhausting all possible methods, not settling for the initial answer
  • Tenacity in solving around challenges/road blocks
  • Finding the best answer, even if it’s not popular

We aspire to create an engaging and exciting place to work, and to attract and develop the best talent.

  • People that enjoy working together in a collaborative environment
  • Rapid development through mentoring, training, education, and accelerated work opportunities
  • Compensation and benefits that are competitive with top consulting firms
  • Work/life balance is a commitment, not just a slogan: Average travel is a couple times per quarter, Unlimited Vacation Days, Work Weeks typically < 50 hrs/week

We embrace explicit candor delivered in a respectful way.

  • Deliver timely feedback aimed at associate development and career growth
  • Embrace, and encourage, upward feedback from associates
  • With clients, delivered in a constructive way

We are in constant collaboration to get the best results for clients and extend our proprietary capabilities.

  • Intentional development and sharing to make modeling tools better and faster
  • Seek out cutting edge techniques and technology to share with the group
  • Helping others is valued and rewarded

We are an analytic meritocracy – the best ideas/analysis drive our recommendations, not seniority.

  • Encourage internal debate, dissent and dialogue
  • Title doesn’t dictate interaction model
  • Encourage healthy debate, but align around a decision once it’s made
  • Data > Tenure

We are passionate about making our clients winners.

  • All part of “one team” with our clients
  • Seek to help client achieve amazing results, not just meet our commitments
  • Leave client satisfied and significantly better off than we started
  • While we love continuous relationships, we will never leave a client dependent on us

We minimize rules.

  • Expect associate autonomy
  • Invest in our people, values, and culture to minimize the need of rules (trust that our investment in people, values, and culture will lead to the right decisions)
  • Minimize processes and bureaucracy
  • No vacation policy – take what you need

We support a culture of inclusion, fueled by diverse perspectives and experiences:

How we act, how we think and how we view the world.  We believe that what makes us different individually at 2OS makes us stronger as a team.  We recognize that every single 2OS voice matters and that everyone has a very important part to play in cultivating our culture of inclusion and equity.

Most companies say they have an open-door policy; we live it.

Interested in collaborating with us?

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