Advanced Modeling

Driving Optimal Lead Generation

2OS worked with a major US bank to improve their digital acquisitions. We analyzed web traffic and modeled site visits to improve click-through rates and conversions for visitors on the web.

Our Approach

Marketing Analytics

By leveraging internal and third-party data, 2OS data scientists developed a traffic optimization model to segment site visitors.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    This enabled the bank to provide visitors with a custom UX and optimized product mix, better matching potential customers to appropriate products.

  • Increased Website Effectiveness

    The introduction of the redesigned website led to an increase in click-thru, application, credit quality and conversion rates for our client.

  • Increased profitability

    The website analytics and strategy provide by 2OS led to a 39% increase in profits attributable to improvements to the client's website.

Our Results

  • increase in profit from higher conversion rate

  • increase in profit from higher quality applicants

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