Roland Massimino

Senior Director of Analytics

Roland is a Senior Director of Analytics for 2nd Order Solutions, with expertise in Collections and Recoveries analytics as well as a deep background across Customer Management and consumer finance.

Before joining 2OS, he was a team leader in multiple parts of Capital One’s credit card business for both Collections and Recoveries and Customer Management. His Collections and Recoveries work included ownership of overall credit program and segmentation for both Collections and Recoveries, responsibility for Loss Mitigation models, building an updated Loss Forecasting model, managing strategy and policy for Collections offers with a focus on TDR programs, and developing initial business cases for understanding risk worsening across all US card, reducing lawsuits in legal recoveries, digital collections and engagement in Recoveries.

His Customer Management roles included ownership of Reactive CLI program credit policy and models, implementation of a new risk model for Proactive CLI that led to a 25% expansion of the program, ownership of Customer Management fees and finance charge strategy and credit policy and ownership of retention policies, and maintaining a recession Customer Management readiness playbook. Roland graduated from Johns Hopkins University and now lives in Annandale, Virginia.

Roland spends the majority of his free time with his 3 kids. Outside of time with his family, Roland enjoys watching sports (particularly Villanova basketball), and enjoying a good IPA.