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20S Statement

Black Lives Matter

2OS stands firmly with protestors and shares their disgust and anger over the murder of George Floyd.  But it’s not just about this one shocking murder, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, or the countless other black people gunned down by authorities.  It’s about the persistent, damaging effects of racism that make people afraid to go outside, constantly experiencing how the system is rigged against them, and lose hope and faith that they have a fair shot in America.

We hope that the anger and determination coming out of these murders reaches a critical mass to bring about meaningful and long overdue change in our society.  If too many of us go silent, we will lose this moment too.

We are a team. As a team, we will stand and support our employees and community affected by this racial injustice in our society. We can not condone the systemic oppression that has plagued an entire group of people in our nation. The discrimination must end, and this begins with us being in unity with the black lives matter movement.

2nd Order Solutions is committed to fighting the inhumanity and inequality to ensure that, not only our future, but the future of all those that have suffered will see a positive change.