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and What We Do

Our Misson

To bring our deep technical expertise, focus on the bottom line, and world-class experience to the challenges of today’s lending. We thrive at the nexus of cutting-edge data science and world-class lending strategy. Our mission is to bring the power and potential of alt-data and advanced analytics to the age-old lending industry.


Our Commitment

Our world-class team of credit and advanced modeling experts is committed to improving financial and risk results to deliver superior economic outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage. We ensure that the strategies we design and recommendations are both realistic and actionable. We help our clients acquire and develop the internal capabilities required to be successful long after we are gone.

A Leading Credit Advisory Firm Positioned at the Nexus of Deep Credit Expertise and Advanced Modeling Analytics.

Data Scientists with…

Experience using cutting edge modeling techniques.

Business Analysts with…

Credit experience at top lending institutions.

Lending Executives with…

Decades of experience as operators and consultants.

We Support All Phases of the Lending Lifecycle

Customer Acquisitions

  • Custom marketing & underwriting models
  • Credit policy
  • Valuations models
  • Loss forecasting
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing channel optimization
  • Marketing & underwriting testing strategy

Customer Management

  • Custom risk models
  • Credit limit increase / decrease
  • Valuations models
  • Retention
  • Inactive strategy
  • Cross sell
  • Customer management testing strategy

Collections & Recoveries

  • Contact strategy optimization
  • Digital collections strategy & turnkey execution
  • Customized treatment streams
  • Targeting models
  • Operational re-design

Fraud Strategy

  • Custom fraud models
  • Fraud rule design
  • Digital authentication strategy
  • Fraud decision frameworks
  • Operational re-design
  • Contact strategy optimization

We Work with a Wide Range of Clients

Large Banks

  • Developed prospecting risk model for top five bank’s credit card business
  • Built machine learning risk model and associated credit policy for two of the top 10 US credit card issuers
  • Revised credit line increase program for credit card division of top ten global banks
  • Completed fraud strategy and operations diagnostic for top 5 US credit card issuers
  • Optimized collections offer availability and collections contact strategy for top 15 US banks


  • Built risk model and credit policy for fintech entry into small business lending
  • Developed machine learning risk models and associated policy from credit bureau and public record data
  • Designed inactive termination program for large LOC lender
  • Built and managed digital collections strategy for credit card fintech
  • Conducted model audit for auto loan fintech who was launching a new strategy


  • Completed diligences for debt and equity investors on dozens of consumer and small business lenders across the globe
  • Diligenced publicly traded lender with multi billion dollar valuation for prospective equity investor
  • Completed loan portfolio valuations for both domestic and international targets
  • Conducted reviews on lenders with billions in assets as well as lenders who have not yet booked a single loan
  • Provided ongoing credit advice to large VC and its portfolio companies during the Covid pandemic

We Provide Services Around the World

North America

Constructed prospecting and enterprise risk models for top US banks and fintechs


Developed custom risk model and accompanying credit policy for marketplace lending fintech

Latin America

Overhauled underwriting strategies and fraud rules for credit card and IL lenders


Optimized credit strategies across acquisitions, customer management and collections for several of the top banks