Cutting-edge algorithm development


Advanced internal capabilities for sustained success


Data-driven lending strategies from real world operators


Superior economic outcomes

World Class Credit Expertise

Deciding who to approve, what line to assign and how to price are the highest leverage decision points in the lending lifecycle. With decades of combined experience as industry operators in some of the most forward leaning lending organizations, 2OS has the deep credit expertise to deliver best in class economic returns – across the entire lending lifecycle for a range of products (installment loans, credit cards, auto loans, etc.).

Innovation in Advanced Modeling

The amount and type of data being generated has exploded, and with the rapid proliferation of commercially usable development frameworks, machine learning is poised as the next step in the evolution of underwriting. Our data scientists have both advanced degrees in statistics and experience as Model Risk Officers at top 10 US banks, merging an academic understanding of the math with the industry context needed to leverage machine learning in lending.

Serving All Phases of the Lending Lifecycle

Marketing & Lead Generation | View Case Study

Lack of targeting sophistication can drive high acquisitions costs by cluttering the top of the funnel. With a range of marketing experience, 2OS can help you surgically target the highest value prospects – maximizing your business’ marketing investment.

  • Media mix
  • Channel optimization
  • Marketing models
  • Marketing DOE
  • Targeting
  • Website analytics

Underwriting | View Case Study

Balancing approval rates and credit risk is the classic lender’s dilemma. Thru alternative data and custom modeling, 2OS can show you how to minimize this dilemma by adding precision to your business’ underwriting decisions.

  • Custom risk/fraud models
  • Credit policy
  • Approve/Decline models
  • NPV models
  • Pricing strategy
  • Underwriting DOE

Customer Management | View Case Study

Your existing portfolio represents your lowest hanging value – it’s a captive audience with an abundance of data. Whether the goal is to cross-sell, stimulate engagement or manage exposure, 2OS can help your business target and capture that value.

  • Custom risk models
  • Credit limit increase/decrease
  • Retention
  • Payment models
  • X-Sell strategies
  • Customer Management DOE

Fraud, Collections & Recoveries | View Case Study

With significant regulatory and litigation components, successfully collecting on delinquent receivables requires a combination of advanced analytics and experience driven operational savvy. 2OS can help you navigate these risks with a collections strategy designed specifically for your business.

  • Contact strategy optimization
  • Customized treatment streams
  • Targeting models
  • Operational re-design
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Litigation strategies