Chase Nielsen

Associate Principal

Chase is an Associate Principal for 2nd Order Solutions, with experience across all customer lifecycles of secured and unsecured lending. While at 2OS he has overseen multiple model development projects, including risk models for new account originations, customer management, and loss mitigation. Additionally, he has led model audit/diagnostics for both fintechs as well as larger issuers

Prior to joining 2nd Order, Chase headed up teams across many areas of Capital One’s branded card business. He had a variety of responsibilities including ownership of new account automated underwriting (Super-prime and Small Business card), marketing strategy optimization building response models and designing campaign strategies, overseeing Collections strategies (entry timing, segmentation, dialing) for both early and late state collections. Chase was also a project owner for Capital One’s Big Data Transformation Team focusing on levering transaction data for customer management, and served as an accredited 2nd line Risk Model Officer for model risk management governance. Chase graduated from Cornell University and now lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Chase spends most of his free time with his two young daughters, and is particularly enjoying coaching his oldest’s tee ball team. When not with his family, Chase enjoys both playing and watching golf, and ensuring his lawn is the best looking in the neighborhood.