Gaby Garcia

Senior Manager, Business Analytics

Gaby is a Senior Manager, Business Analytics and joined the 2OS team in June 2022. Gaby has developed a broad understanding of the consumer lending landscape in her six years of experience generating credit strategies for both installment loan and credit card issuers.

Prior to joining 2OS, Gaby worked in analytics at an early-stage fintech developing the strategy behind alternate data usage and existing customer acquisitions. Prior to working in the start-up world, Gaby worked in consumer lending consulting, most notably revamping the customer management program for a large subprime credit card issuer. She also helped fintechs navigate the early days of the pandemic. Gaby started her career at Capital One working on acquisiton and customer management strategies for a variety of partnership portfolios. Gaby’s experience as both an operator and consultant at small and large lenders alike gives her a unique view into the lending space.

Gaby graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2016 with a B.S. degree in General Engineering and now lives in Chicago, IL. Outside of work, Gaby enjoys traveling to tropical destinations to spend her days on the beach or scuba diving. In Chicago, she can be found exploring the Chicago food scene or out on the boat on Lake Michigan.