Hainan Xiong

Data Scientist

Hainan Xiong is a Data Scientist who joined 2OS in April 2023. He obtained a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from UC San Diego, where he graduated in March 2021. After that Hainan went to Harvard and earned his S.M. degree in March 2023 with a concentration in Health Data Science. Hainan also cross-registered at MIT to further his knowledge in the field of deep learning.  Prior to this full-time role, Hainan worked as a Data Scientist Intern at Thrasio, an e-commerce company, in summer 2022. Throughout his academic career, Hainan has gained various data science/machine learning related research experience in the field of healthcare and neuroscience. Now he is ready to explore the financial world at 2OS.

Outside of the office, Hainan often spends his time skiing during the snow season. He likes traveling to different places to explore the local culture. He also enjoys hiking and going to different music festivals (especially EDMs).