Jennifer Kreizenbeck

Senior Manager, Business Analytics

Jennifer is a Senior Manager, Business Analytics at 2OS, joining the company in June 2020. Jennifer has worked with a number of international clients in areas ranging from pricing to collections. This includes the development of a customer behavioral model and revamp of the pricing optimization process for a large bank as well as the creation of a learning strategy for a client considering expansion into new areas. Jennifer is passionate about driving value for clients in helping them better understand the complexity and value trade off.

Jennifer joined 2OS after completion of a Masters in Statistics from Duke University in May of 2020. Prior to Duke, Jennifer worked with GM Financial in a data analytics and reporting role that supported credit review and fraud identification teams. In this role, Jennifer revamped existing infrastructure to provide greater accuracy and efficiency in reporting, improved the effectiveness of fraud identification tools and completed a comprehensive cost benefit analysis on various 3rd party fraud identification tools. Jennifer also holds a BBA in Decision Sciences from the University of North Texas.

Jennifer loves learning new skills, which leads to a constantly changing list of hobbies outside of work. She currently enjoys attending monthly quilting retreats, growing flowers from seed and dancing Argentine Tango. When the weather is nice, you can find her exploring Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains or canoeing the James River with friends.