Kia Duan

Manager, Data Science

Kia is a Manager, Data Science, joining the 2OS team in August 2018. She has worked on dozens of engagements across all stages of the credit lifecycle. Her main focus at 2OS has been using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to solve problems for clients. Some of the key highlights of her work include: customer suite model build with transactions data for a top Australian bank, diagnosis & analysis of a leading fintech’s collection strategies, and providing quantitative review of a large bank’s fraud policy.

Kia went to University of Virginia for both her bachelor’s and masters. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and IT in May 2017, she decided to follow her passion for analytics by attending a data science master program. She graduated with a Masters degree in Data Science from UVA in May 2018.

Kia is fairly adventurous when it comes to her leisure activities. She enjoys roller coasters, bungee jumping and skydiving. When staying at home, she spends most of her time reading detective & horror novels, and playing with her adorable cat Fuguier (means “Rich and Royal” in Chinese).