Syed Raza

Senior Manager, Data Science

Raza is a Senior Manager, Data Science at 2OS with 3+ years of experience in the lending industry and 10+ years of experience in quantitative modeling. Raza joined 2OS in 2019; he has built several credit risk models across multiple financial institutions and advised clients across the consumer credit lifecycle both in the U.S and abroad. Key focuses of his work include building models that are explainable and compliant with regulations, assessing COVID’s impact on unsecured lending, and developing a customer management strategy & associated policies.

Raza has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Virginia specializing in Quantum Computing and has a BS in physics from LUMS – Pakistan. He interned with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and developed a regression model for water retention in Ayubia National Park.

Outside of work, Raza has a passion for cooking and playing cricket. He contributes to open-source projects in Quantum Machine Learning and likes to write about quantum computing, machine learning, credit risk, and physics.