Syed Raza

Data Science Manager

Raza is a Data Science Manager at 2OS with 3+ years of experience in the lending industry and 10+ years of experience in quantitative modeling. Raza joined 2OS in 2019; he has built several credit risk models across multiple financial institutions and advised clients across the consumer credit lifecycle both in the U.S and abroad. Key focuses of his work include building models that are explainable and compliant with regulations, assessing COVID’s impact on unsecured lending, and developing a customer management strategy & associated policies.

Raza has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Virginia specializing in Quantum Computing and has a BS in physics from LUMS – Pakistan. He interned with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and developed a regression model for water retention in Ayubia National Park.

Outside of work, Raza has a passion for cooking and playing cricket. He contributes to open-source projects in Quantum Machine Learning and likes to write about quantum computing, machine learning, credit risk, and physics.

Tosan Johnson

Senior Business Analyst

Tosan is a Senior Business Analyst, joining the 2OS team in June 2020. Tosan has worked on various policy development and model building engagements, including developing an acquisition stage valuations model for a top national bank and building an enterprise ML risk model and go-to-market credit policy for a large FinTech firm. Tosan also has experience in the fraud space, working with an emerging Latin American FinTech to address its existing fraud issues and help it be better prepared for future attacks.

Originally from Great Britain, Tosan moved to Virginia Beach when he was 4, before eventually attending the University of Virginia and graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Despite being an engineering student, Tosan has always been fascinated by the business/finance world and sought to apply his technical and analytical skills to solve real world business issues.

Outside of work, Tosan has a passion for software development and the cryptocurrency/defi industry. His current side project has been building an automated bot to buy PS5s based on market availability. Recently he has been very excited about the Metaverse, writing articles about the future of a field he thinks will one day hold a lot of value. Tosan also enjoys playing video games, watching tv, spending time with his friends, and being the worst skateboarder in Richmond.

Ben Peters

Senior Business Analyst

Ben is a Senior Business Analyst at 2OS, having been at the company since March 2020. Ben has worked on a variety of projects at all stages of the lending life cycle, for clients ranging from early stage FinTech lenders to top domestic and international banks. His work has included building credit policies and valuations models for multiple different asset classes, developing digital focused contact strategies for collections efforts, and conducting diagnostic reviews of corporate acquisition targets.

Prior to joining 2OS, Ben was a Consultant at AQN Strategies for 9 months. At AQN, Ben worked with a variety of FinTech and large regional bank clients on projects including launching a new co-branded credit card portfolio. Ben graduated from the University of Michigan in May 2019 studying Economics and Applied Statistics.

Ben is an avid outdoorsman and sports fan, who enjoys spending his free time coaching little league baseball with his co-worker Tucker and fishing with his friends. The three things Ben loves most in the world are the Washington Nationals, his dog Maeve, and homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

Jennifer Wilson

Business Analytics Manager

Jennifer is a Business Analytics Manager at 2OS, joining the company in June 2020. Jennifer has worked with a number of international clients in areas ranging from pricing to collections. This includes the development of a customer behavioral model and revamp of the pricing optimization process for a large bank as well as the creation of a learning strategy for a client considering expansion into new areas. Jennifer is passionate about driving value for clients in helping them better understand the complexity and value trade off.

Jennifer joined 2OS after completion of a Masters in Statistics from Duke University in May of 2020. Prior to Duke, Jennifer worked with GM Financial in a data analytics and reporting role that supported credit review and fraud identification teams. In this role, Jennifer revamped existing infrastructure to provide greater accuracy and efficiency in reporting, improved the effectiveness of fraud identification tools and completed a comprehensive cost benefit analysis on various 3rd party fraud identification tools. Jennifer also holds a BBA in Decision Sciences from the University of North Texas.

Jennifer loves learning new skills, which leads to a constantly changing list of hobbies outside of work. She currently enjoys attending monthly quilting retreats, growing flowers from seed and dancing Argentine Tango. When the weather is nice, you can find her exploring Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains or canoeing the James River with friends.

Rachel Piemonte

Business Analytics Manager

Rachel is a Business Analytics Manager at 2OS, joining the 2OS team in November 2021. Since joining 2OS Rachel has focused on diligence/diagnostic reviews of fintechs in the US and Latin America. Her work has produced many credit related recommendations to help grow new companies.

Prior to joining 2OS, Rachel was a Business Manager at Capital One, where she designed and executed strategy for credit card loss mitigation activities. Before Capital One, Rachel was a Manager at Bates White Economic Consulting. While at Bates White, she managed dozens of consumer lending engagements and developed deep experience translating expert opinions into client results. During this time, Rachel also led multiple forecasting model builds that were instrumental in driving expert opinion in high stakes consumer lending litigation. Rachel has a Masters in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins and a B.S. in Accounting and Economics from Nazareth College.

Rachel loves to spend her time outside of work being active. She is an avid runner, enjoys long bike rides, spending time at the beach, and playing soccer. Rachel’s hidden talent is her ability to crochet anything from scarves to blankets to stuffed animals!

Clare Hammonds

Senior Business Analyst

Clare is a Senior Business Analyst at 2OS, having joined the company in July of 2021. While at 2OS, she has worked on projects spanning the credit risk lifecycle with clients around the world. Her work has included helping a large international bank incorporate consumer savings data into its underwriting, developing an omni-channel contact strategy to aid collections efforts in the auto space, and optimizing a credit line increase program.

Clare graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Systems Engineering. While there, she worked on various consulting projects for companies and nonprofits through her classes. She used large data sets to analyze donor behaviors for a nonprofit, and interned as a systems analyst for the UVA Health System to optimize its scheduling and queuing systems during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her free time, Clare enjoys baking, reading, traveling, and cheering on UVA athletics. Her next project outside of work will be learning American Sign Language. Clare is the reigning rock-paper-scissors champion of the company, and arguably also holds a top rank for mini golf.

Perry Keatley, CFA

Business Analytics Manager

Perry is a Business Analytics Manager who joined 2OS in August 2020. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a professional certification recognized as the highest set of credentials in the global investment management industry. Perry’s work at 2OS includes financial modeling of Credit Card, Point of Sale, and Buy Now Pay Later products. Additionally, Perry has worked on a variety of projects to advise acquirers on the creditworthiness of outstanding loan portfolios in M&A opportunities.

Prior to 2OS, Perry worked as an analyst in the Funds and Co-Investments group at Barings, an investment management firm based in Charlotte, NC. She specialized in portfolio analytics and portfolio management during her tenure. Perry graduated from Davidson College with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Applied Mathematics.

Outside of work, Perry enjoys vacationing in Hatteras, NC, where she likes to drive her 4Runner on the beach and read by the ocean. Additionally, she is an avid Duke basketball fan, crossword puzzle enthusiast, and an Excel ninja.

Matty Pahren

Senior Business Analyst

Matty is a Senior Business Analyst at 2OS, joining the team full-time in July 2021 after interning in Summer 2020. In her time here, she has experience working with lenders ranging from fintechs to top global banks. Her work has included building a loss forecast model and running multiple custom stress scenarios for a mid-sized US lender, re-building the CLI model for a top Australian bank, and optimizing credit policy and sales strategy for a fintech point-of-sale lender.

Matty graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Statistical Science and minors in Economics and Psychology. During her time in college, Matty enjoyed being a teaching assistant and helping other students understand the fundamentals of statistics and coding in R. In general, she is interested in seeing how statistics can transcend areas of study and how data analytics can be used to solve a variety of problems.

In her free time, Matty loves knitting, writing, and listening to music. As a recent side project, she reviewed every album on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 best albums of all time and analyzed her rating data to pinpoint trends. She also enjoys spending time with friends, following Duke Basketball, and making an absolute mess of her kitchen cooking new recipes.